There are a number of common expressions in English which use the verb do.

Do homework (complete homework assignments)

  • did my homework before watching TV.
  • The teacher let us begin doing our homework at the end of the school day.

Do housework (do household jobs like cleaning and washing)

  • Jane is a stay at home mom. She cooks and does houseworkevery day.
  • Bob doesn’t mind doing the housework to help his wife.

Do laundry (wash, dry, and put away the dirty clothes)

  • I usually do laundry on the weekend.
  • Chris does laundry at the laundromat on Main Street.

Do dishes (wash, dry, and put away the dirty dishes)

  • The students in the dorm often don’t do the dishes in the kitchen.
  • We did the dishes after dinner.

Do one’s hair & makeup (dry and style hair; put on makeup)

  • Jane did her hair with a curling iron.
  • Cathy went to a professional stylist to have her makeup donefor the party.

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