Instead or instead of

  • Instead is generally used with the preposition of. We say instead of, which means one thing or person will replace another thing or person. After instead of we can use a noun or a gerund (VerbING):
    • I think I will have tea instead of coffee this morning.
    • Instead of our weekly meeting, the boss is taking us out to lunch on Friday!
    • I’m tired of eating pizza every week. Instead of pizza, let’s go out for sushi.
    • I’m going to the conference instead of my boss. He’s too busy.
    • Instead of studying, let’s go see a movie. I need a break.

    It’s possible to use instead as an adverb without of. Instead when used this way usually begins or ends a clause. The meaning is alternatively:

    • I don’t feel like coffee this morning. I think I will have tea instead.
    • The weekly meeting is cancelled this week. The boss is taking us out to lunch instead.
    • I’m tired of eating pizza every week. Let’s go out for sushi instead.
    • The boss is too busy to go to the conference, so I am going instead.
    • I need a break from studying. Let’s go see a movie instead.

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