There are four basic English grammar patterns when using wait.

We use wait for + [someone/something]

  • I was waiting for the train in the rain this morning.
  • Can you wait for me? I’ll be ready in five minutes.
  • Jack said he is still waiting for the package from his sister.

We also use wait for + [someone/something] + [to verb]

  • I was waiting for the train to arrive.
  • Can you wait for me to go out? I’ll be ready soon.
  • Jack is waiting for the package to be delivered.

We use wait + [time] without a preposition after wait.

  • waited ten minutes for the train.
  • Can you wait five minutes?
  • Jack waited all day, but the package didn’t arrive.

Lastly, we use wait + [to verb]

  • waited to hear the results of the exam.
  • You have to wait to eat the soup because it’s hot.
  • I’ve waited to buy a new watch because I am saving the money to buy it.

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