Plan 7




Strand units:

Extending and Using Patterns.

Place Value.

Skills and concepts:

Applying and problem solving.

Communicating and expressing.

Integrating and connecting.



Understanding and recalling.

Mathematical language:

Pattern, after, next, follow, continue, triangle, square, circle, rectangle, semi-circle, odd, even, odd-one-out, count in.

Ten, unit, digit, place value, 100 square, sets, groups, before, after, on top of, underneath, more, less, bigger, smalle, locate.

Objectives :

Recognise pattern, including odd and even numbers.

Explore and use patterns in addition facts.

Understand the use of a frme to show the presence of an unknown number.

Explore, identify and record place value 0-20.

Explore, identify and record place value 0-50.


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