I always ask my friend  when I have a problem with my computer. He’s an expert in computers. So I gave him my laptop, and he said he would call me when it’s fixed. When you need something done, it’s a good idea to get the right help from the right person.

When we use when. Have a look at the paragraph above one more time.

We use when to talk about two situations that happen at or around the same time. If you use when in the first part of the sentence, use a comma before the second part.

  • When I miss a deadline, the boss goes crazy.
  • Jack said that when he left the house, it was raining hard.
  • I called her when I got home.
  • I send the report when the boss asked me to.

We use when with a present verb to talk about the future. Be careful! don’t put will after when.

  • I will call you when my flight lands. Not, …when my flight will land.
  • When you get back home, please call me.
  • I am going to order another beer when the waiter comes back.
  • I’ll be waiting for you when you finish work.

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