We use any to talk about a non-specific, infinite number of things.  We usually use any with a plural noun or non-countable noun in questions or negative sentences.

  • Do you have any pens?
  • I don’t have any pens.
  • Do you have any free time?
  • I don’t have any time to talk to her.

We also use any in a positive sentence with a singular countable noun or non-countable noun to meanit doesn’t matter which one, it doesn’t matter who, and it doesn’t matter what. In a conversation, we stress the word any.

  • If you ask any person in this office, they will be able to help you.
  • Jack will drink any cocktail you give him. He’s a big drinker.
  • I’ll go to any beach. I just need a vacation.
  • I told Jane she can come here any time that is convenient for her.

We can also use any in a negative sentence with a singular countable noun to mean even one. Here too, in a conversation, we stress the word any.

  • I don’t have any pen that works properly.
  • I didn’t see any laptop that I wanted to buy.
  • I can’t imagine any girl wanting to date Jack.
  • There isn’t any person in that company who could help us.

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