Plan 8



Shape and Space.


Strand units:


Spatial Awareness.

Operations- Addition

Skills and concepts:

Applying and problem solving.

Communicating and expressing.

Integrating and connecting.



Understanding and recalling.

Mathematical language:

Length, width,height,long, longer, longest, short, shorter, shortest, thick, thin, compare, estimate, measure, the same as, metre  stick, about, longer than, shorter than, tall, taller than, high, low, wide, narrow, far, near, close, metre .

Between, underneath, on top of, around, through, right, left, inside, outside, opposite, where, in, out.

Near double, doubles, combine, partition, make, count, altogether, add, plus, equals, more, less, sign,sum, jump, split, total, How many?.


Estimate, compare, measure and record length using non-standard units.

Select and use appropriate non-standard measuring units and instruments.

Estimate, measure and record length using standard unit ( the metre).

Explore, discuss, develop and use the vocabulary of spatial awareness.

Give and follow simple directions within classroom and school settings.

Explore, develop and apply the associative property of addition.

Develop and/or recall mental strategies for addition facts within 20.

Construct number setences and numbers stories.

Solve problems involving addition within 20.


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