By – With

We use by + noun to talk about the way we do something or the way something is done:

  • I like to make pizza by hand.
  • Those donuts are made by machine.
  • The calculations are performed by computer.

We use by + gerund to talk about the action we take in order to do something:

  • I make the dough by mixing flour, yeast, and warm water.
  • Those donuts are made by pouring the ingredients into the machine.
  • The calculations are performed by programming the computer.

We use with + noun to talk about the, ingredients, tool or instrument we use to do something:

  • I made the sauce with fresh tomatoes, basal, and garlic.
  • I forgot to bring a spoon, so I ate my yogurt with a fork.
  • You can move the objects on the computer with a mouse.

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