Much is used as a determiner before a noun, especially in a negative sentence and questions:

  • I don’t watch much TV these days.
  • Jack said he usually doesn’t drink much wine.
  • We didn’t get much snow in NYC last winter.

Keep in mind we generally don’t use much in a positive sentence, unless we use much with too and so:

  • Jane said she drank so much wine last night.
  • My dog has too much energy, so we walk her twice a day.

We also use much as a pronoun:

  • Bob said there was a lot of pizza at the party, but he didn’t eat much.
  • Joe said there was a lot of litter in the park, but I didn’t see much.

We use not much of a when we refer to someone who is not good at or doesn’t like doing something:

  • I’m not much of a beer drinker.
  • Blair said she is not much of a skier.

We also use much as an adverb meaning to a large extent:

  • We went to the club but we didn’t dance much.
  • I don’t know much about golf, do you?

It’s also possible to use much as an adverb before a comparative adjective:

  • This tomato sauce tastes much better that the one I made last week.
  • I think Jenny is much more beautiful than Blair.

We use as much as to mean the same degree as~

  • Jane said she danced as much as Maggie did.
  • Bob doesn’t work as much as Frankie does.

We use very much before a past participle in a passive sentence:

  • Brad was very much bothered by the neighbor’s barking dog.
  • We were very much worried about Jane after she lost her job.

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