Plan 10



Shape and Space.

Strnad units:

Place Value.

Operations- Subtraction.

Number Sentences.

Spacial Awareness.

Skills and concepts:

Applying and problem solving.

Communicating and expressing.

Integrating and connecting.



Understanding and recalling.

Mathematical language:

Ten, unit, digit, place value, 100 square, sets, gropups, before, after, more, less, bigger, smaller, locate.

Take away, count back, minus, from, left, divide, break up, sum, total, number sentence, subtract, cross off, less, left over, join, go back.

Plus, add on, addition, subtraction, take away, minus, equals, answer box, blank, frame, space, find out, How many?

Between, underneath, on top of, around, through, right, left, inside, outside, opposite, where, in, out.


Explore, identify and record place value 0-99.

Develop an understanding of subtraction as deducting 0-20

Record subtraction in number sentences.

Record subtraction pictorially.

Subtract numbers without renaming within 10.

Solve problems involving addition within 20.

Explore, discuss, develop and use the vocabulary of spatial awareness.


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