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parts of the house2

My house


Roof, chimney, wall, window, door.

Bedroom, bathroom, living-room, kitchen.

  • You can each them words like:bed, chair, table, curtains, basin, towel…etc. First teach them basic words and then expand the vocabulary by making associations with another word class.
  • Remember: you shouldn’t teach one unit per hour but always repeat previously taught vocabulary and you don’t have to introduce all the words in one class at the same time. 
  • Introduce new words slowly and do a lot of repetition. Follow their rhythm and decide on your own when to move on, how long to repeat – you will sense this by playing games with them in which you can verify their memory status.


Teach these words slowly (it’s a big word class). Use colouring pages, drawings, flashcards. Talk about specific topics – start a conversation to introduce any theme, for example, ask them what they like and don’t like to eat and similar things. Of course, to introduce a theme using this very important method – conversation – you may use mother tongue, but always ask children to remember how we say “things” in English. In this word class you can also introduce the words:breakfast, lunch, dinner and verbs eat and drink.

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