5 everyday verbs

Put on is an action verb. Put on shows the action of putting clothes on your body. You put on everything: Put on shoes, put on a hat, put on makeup, etc.

  • put on an old pair of jeans this morning.
  • put on my hat before leaving the house.
  • Jack said he put on pajamas when he got home and went right to bed.

Wear is a stative verb. Wear shows the state or condition or situation of having clothes on your body.

  • Previously, I wore a suit to work every day
  • Do you like to wear boots?
  • I think Jenny wears too much makeup.

Take off is an action verb. Take off shows the action of removing clothes from your body. Like put on, you take off everything: Take off shoes, take off a hat, take off makeup, etc.

  • take off my work clothes and put on sweatpants
  • Please take off your shoes when you enter the house.
  • Jack said he took off his suit when he got home.

Get dressed is an action verb and means to dress. In American English, get dressed is more common than to dress, but the meaning is the same:

  • I usually get dressed for work after breakfast. It means, I usually dress for work after breakfast.
  • Hurry up and get dressed, we have to leave in fifteen minutes.
  • It generally takes her an hour to get dressed and leave the house!

Get changed is an action verb and means to change your clothes.

  • When I get home from work, I get changed.
  • The nurse gets changed when she reaches the hospital.
  • I want to get changed and relax!

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