Some confusing vocabulary

Cloth is a countable noun. The plural form is cloths; 1 cloth, 2 cloths. Cloth has basically 2 meanings. The first is a small towel or rag. In your bathroom, you probably have a washcloth that is used for washing your face. A washcloth is generally a small, square towel. I have also heard the wordfacecloth, but think in American English the word washcloth is more commonly used.

  • Get a cloth and wipe the table please.
  • I always use a washcloth in the morning.
  • I have a special cloth to clean my eyeglasses.

The word cloth also means material. Cloth is the material or fabric which is used to make clothes:

  • His suit is made of fine cloth from Italy.
  • I love this cloth. I think I will use it for my school project.
  • Mood is a famous cloth store in NYC!

Clothes is an uncountable noun, it is not the plural form of clothClothes means the items worn on the body.

  • She always wears very nice clothes and looks stylish.
  • Sanae likes to buy clothes at Anthropology.
  • Our company CEO wears custom made clothes.

Wear is also an uncountable noun. However, as a noun, wear is only used with a modifier or descriptive word before it. As a noun, wear is never used alone. So for example, you can say, “You have niceclothes” but not, “You have nice wear:”

  • They sell formal wear and suites at that shop on Madison Ave.
  • Children’s wear is on the third floor of this department store.
  • I bought tennis wear and a racket, so I am ready to play!

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