Warm-up: One Potato,two potatoes

One potato

Counting from 1 to 7. Potato/potatoes (initial awareness of countable nouns and plurals). English rhythm and intonation.

One Potato, Two Potatoes Lyrics

? One potato
Two potatoes
Three potatoes

Five potatoes
Six potatoes
Seven potatoes
(Repeat 2x)


Sit in a circle. Everybody extends one fist (or two) into the circle. A leader then goes around the circle and touches the top of each person’s fist as everyone chants the “One Potato, Two Potatoes” rhyme. When the chant reaches, “More!” the person whose fist the leader bumps is “out” and takes their hand out of the circle. Start the chant again from the next person.

Classroom Benefits

“One Potato, Two Potatoes” is a classic choosing rhyme you can use for splitting a class into groups, or just as a simple game to practice counting and chanting.


Young children really enjoy elimination games like this as long as being “out” is done with a sense of fun. When introducing this game, include yourself as one of the players. Make sure that you are one of the first people “out” so that you can model being a good sport. Laugh, joke, say, “Oh no!” or make a funny face to show that you are having fun. See our blog post on Elimination Games With Young Learners for more ideas and tips.

Activity Ideas

Have the person who is “out” continue with the counting so that she stays involved. Each time someone is “out,” that person continues the chant, starting with the person next to them.

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