Caterpillar´s dreams

Caterpillar’s Dream

What is going to happen in the beautiful woods today?
Let’s go and see.
Ah~ This flower smells so good.
Agh! It’s a bug. Oh, ow.
Why was a disgusting thing like you sitting on my face?
I just liked your scent…
Oh, ho ho. It’s true that I have a nice scent.
But it’s not a scent for something like you to smell.
Ooh, disgusting…
Get out of here now!
Oh… Okey…
Wow, you’re caterpillar like me.
Look, you crawl around like me.
Wow, I finally met a friend,
Hey! I’m not your friend.
Look, I’m a snail with a house on my back.
Huh? You crawl just like I do…
Very funny. How can something like you be friend with a snail like me?
Tsk, how rude…
Yeah, I can’t be friend with a charming snail like that.
My body is twisty and I have so many legs.
My face is ugly and I have to crawl about like this.
Nobody will like me.
Ha ha ha, I’ll like you.
Yikes, it’s a bird.
Oh, where did it go.
It’s around here somewhere.
Hmph, that ugly little bug hides well.
Whew~ That was so close.
Oh, it would be nice if I was that butterfly.
Oh, what’s wrong with my body?
I keep feeling heavy and sleepy.
Ugh, what is wrong? I’m getting cold.
Oh, I don’t have any more strength.
I can’t move any more…
The caterpillar closed its eyes and slept for a very long time.
The caterpillar wondered if it might never be able to smell another flower again.
but it could not help being sleepy.
The caterpillar’s body slowly hardened and its breathing could not be heard.
What is this? I can’t eat it, hmph.
What is this? it seems like a house.
Is anyone inside?
Hmph, there’s nobody here.
The caterpillar spent many nights as a pupa.
Suddenly one day, the pupa that hadn’t moved began to wriggle.
Ah~ That was a nice nap.
I wonder how much time passed.
Oh, pretty butterfly, come and play with me.
Are you talking to me?
Of course. come and play with me.
Really? Can I really come and smell your scent?
Ho ho ho, not just that.
I’ll give you some delicious honey.
Come fly over here.
Fly? I can’t fly.

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