The Magic Red Hat

Yikes! Help~ somebody help!
Huh? What was that?
Yikes! Agh! Oh! Somebody help! Oh… Ooh!
What happened Mr. Raccoon?
Can’t you see? I’m trapped under a tree!
Hurry up and help me out of here.
Ooh! Heave!
Oh! My back!
Are you alright, Mr. Raccoon?
Hey! Why did you pull so hard?
I didn’t do it on purpose. Ow~
Hey! Don’t talk back to me.
Does it hurt?
Are you serious? You never praise me.
You’re always hitting me.
You still???
Gee. Fine. I’ll give you a present.
Here is a hat. This is not a normal hat.
If you wear it like this, your body gets bigger and if you wear it like this, your body gets smaller.
It’s a magic hat. Here.
Gee, there’s no such thing.
Huh? Mr. Raccoon, Mr. Raccoon???
What a strange man.
A magic hat There’s no such thing. Huh?
It’s true. Wow My body is so large.
Hurray! Hurry!
Oh, what’s going on???
Over there. Let’s go see.
Wow! Tori grew as big as a tree
What? That’s Tori?
Huh? My friends.
Hi, guys!
Ha ha ha ha. Hello.
Huh? What happened?
The red hat did this.
My body grows large when I wear this.
What Red hat?
But if you go running around like that,
the other animals will be surprised.
So what. I’m having so much fun.
You shouldn’t cause harm to others
just because you’re having fun.
What? Do you want to be taught a lesson?
Ha ha ha. How’s that?
Are you still going to order me around now?
What are you doing Tori? Let go!
Yeah? Okay.
Tikes, aaagh! Let’s run! Let’s run!
Ha ha ha ha. How’s that? Scared?
I’m the strongest in the woods now.
Ha ha ha ha!
What should we do?
We’re all in danger because of Tori.
We have to get that hat no matter what.
Let’s wait and see.
Ah… I’ve played so much I’m tired.
Oh, that was a nice nap.
oh. I’m hungry.
Yum yum. I’m still hungry.
because my body’s so large.
I’d better make my body smaller.
Oh, my hat’s gone.
Huh? Where is it?
I can’t go inside my house with this large body.
What should I do.

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